“Mark is an artist. His photographs are original, expressive and bursting with creativity. He is always in tune with his subject and their environment - how a good photographer should be. So thrilled that I was able to have Mark shoot my wedding.”

Ann & Eugenio


“ To have Mark as your wedding photographer is a blessing. He pours his heart and soul into each wedding that he does and gives so much of himself to it. Looking at our wedding photos has given us immense joy. We could relive the entire event and we found ourselves laughing, crying and excitedly sharing stories all over again. We also got to see so many small special moments that we missed during those few days. It’s been a magical experience working with Mark and I couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone that needs their special day captured for posterity.”

Namisha & Rags

“ Mark is a very talented photographer with a keen eye for detail. He is extremely professional at work, was always on time and did a fantastic job.

We are so happy he did our wedding and his work speaks for itself!!

Highly recommend! ”

Shilpa & Ankit


“Gosh! This guy has a way of capturing the most amazing moments , the details to perfection. I genuinely cannot rate Mark enough. When we got the pics , my husband and I just wanted to do it all over again. We relived every minute of it as we went through the and pics and laughed as we did on the day. Our families , our friends...all of it..just beautiful. Thank you Mark.”

Saumya & Chris

“ Mark is exceptionally talented and it was a real privilege to have him shoot our wedding day. He has an amazing way of being so unobtrusive so that you barely notice him as he captures those special moments, unguarded, tender and beautiful that others might not notice.

Looking through his photographs is almost like reliving the entire day, not just the sequence of events but the emotions you felt in the shots captured. ”

Minu & Emeka

“It’s hard to stay away from over-the-top compliments and hypberbole when describing Mark Swaroop’s gorgeous photography. Best wedding photographer ever? Very possibly. Mark was very easy to work with, blended seamlessly among the guests and managed to capture some of the loveliest moments in our wedding, without ever orchestrating ‘ a scene’ or making my husband and I feign lovey-dovey peek-a-boo looks to each other.

A year after I got married, people still go back to the photographs, even people who were not at the wedding, and tell me how the pictures make them happy. Actually, Mark’s not just a supremely gifted wedding photographer—he’s an artist.

The photographs he gave me are a treasure that my family will cherish and preserve for posterity and I cannot imagine anyone else who could’ve done a better job of preserving such a beautiful memory in my life.”

Devika & Kris 

“ It was after nearly four months of intense online research and meeting up with many photographers, that we zeroed in on Mark as our wedding photographer. It was definitely one of the best judgement calls we made.

What we really liked about him is that he is completely fuss-free and very accommodative. One of his USPs is that he is completely unobtrusive during the ceremonies and one can hardly feel his presence, but he somehow manages to capture every minute detail of the event. There are no posed pictures (unless you want them) and what you get it is a truly candid portrayal of your wedding.

He also brings a certain funk element to his shots, so do expect to see some unusual artsy stuff and pics with stunning angles. Given the diverse range of weddings he has already shot, he is familiar with the wedding rituals and practices and knows exactly what to capture. It was a complete pleasure having him at our wedding and he did a fantastic job with our wedding album.”

Roshni & Balaji